Booting BSD operating systems from the GNU GRUB payload

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This section deals with BSD operating systems when you accept the GNU GRUB bootloader as choice of payload in osboot. GRUB supports booting BSD kernels

For all practical purposes, it is recommended that you use SeaBIOS when booting BSD. osboot’s GRUB menu has SeaBIOS as an option, and there are osboot ROM images that start with SeaBIOS by default. BSD operating systems work best in BIOS or UEFI (Tianocore) setups on x86 hardware.

GRUB is acceptable for booting unencrypted BSD installations. However, encrypted BSD installations will probably require the use of SeaBIOS/Tianocore.




FreeBSD may also work with the GRUB payload, but SeaBIOS/Tianocore payload is highly advised for this version of BSD.

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