GRUB payload

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This section relates to the GRUB payload used in osboot.

GRUB keyboard layouts (for reference)

Custom keyboard layout in GRUB (for reference)

Keymaps are stored in resources/grub/keymap/

How were they made?

Example (French Azerty) (NOTE: last tested when developing Libreboot and the command below was last tested in Trisquel GNU+Linux, version 6.0 LTS in 2014):

ckbcomp fr > frazerty

Go in grub directory (ditto to above):

cat frazerty | ./grub/grub-mklayout -o frazerty.gkb

The above steps should still work on modern GNU+Linux distributions. This page was forked from Libreboot, since osboot is a fork of Libreboot. Even in Libreboot, this page was very old. Some of the information on this page, such as directory paths for GRUB resources in the build system, have been altered to reflect their current location in the osboot build system.

You must make sure that the files are named keymap and keymap.gkb (where ‘keymap’ can be whatever you want).

Then from the above example, you would put frazerty in resources/grub/keymap/original/ and the frazerty.gkb file goes under resources/grub/keymap/

The build scripts will automatically see this, and automatically build ROM images with your custom layout (given the name) and include them under bin/grub_boardname/

UK Dvorak keyboard layout in GRUB (for reference)

ukdvorak had to be created manually, based on usdvorak. diff them (under resources/grub/keymap/original) to see how ukdvorak file was created. The scan codes were laboriously converted, by hand!

cat ukdvorak | ./grub/grub-mklayout -o ukdvorak.gkb

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