Hardware compatibility list

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This sections relates to known hardware compatibility in osboot.

For installation instructions, refer to ../install/.

List of supported hardware

Entries in the list below that have links are to specific pages with some remarks about the hardware. Entries without links don’t have specific info on this website, but you can find information about them elsewhere (and osboot ideally at least has installation instructions: see ../install/.

osboot supports the following systems:

Desktop/workstation (AMD, x86)

Laptops (Intel, x86)

NOTE: the Video BIOS option ROM for T60 (mentioned above) was pulled from the /sys directory in memory, on that T60 running Lenovo BIOS. It worked on that particular machine, but whether it will work on other systems is unknown. Some other T60 thinkpads use Intel GPUs and are supported in Libreboot because coreboot has native (libre) video initialization support. Other T60 thinkpads use a Mobility Radeon X1300 GPU with PCI ID 1002:7149, for which the T60 ROMs currently included in osboot will definitely not work. osboot does not focus as much on systems that Libreboot already supports, since it’s duplicated effort.

Many more will soon be supported; it’s simply a matter of adding more configs and testing those newly added boards. Most of the work in osboot so far has been on the build system and the documentation for that build system, with the currently supported machines added as a proof of concept.

‘Supported’ means that the build scripts know how to build ROM images for these systems, and that the systems have been tested (confirmed working). There may be exceptions; in other words, this is a list of ‘officially’ supported systems.

Tested simply means that at least 1 system has been booted. It does not mean that a particular board works well, but the best effort is made to ensure that osboot will work reliably. However, we accept zero responsibility for your computer and, as with any other software, you install osboot at your own risk!

EC update on Lenovo/IBM ThinkPad laptops

It is recommended that you update to the latest EC firmware version. The EC firmware is separate from osboot, so we don’t actually provide that, but if you still have Lenovo BIOS then you can just run the Lenovo BIOS update utility, which will update both the BIOS and EC version. See:

NOTE: this can only be done when you are using Lenovo BIOS. How to update the EC firmware while running osboot is unknown. osboot only replaces the BIOS firmware, not EC.

Updated EC firmware has several advantages e.g. better battery handling and bugs fixed.

How to find what EC version you have (ThinkPads)

In GNU+Linux, you can try this:

grep 'at EC' /proc/asound/cards

Sample output:

`ThinkPad Console Audio Control at EC reg 0x30, fw G2HT31WW-3.22`

G2HT31WW is the version in different notation. Use a search engine to find out the regular version. In this case it’s version 1.10 for ThinkPad X230.

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