ThinkPad R500

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For our purposes the information is basically identical for T500/W500, so please read that page:



R500 doesn’t have an Intel PHY, unlike other ThinkPads!

When using ich9gen, use one of the 4KiB files that is just the descriptor, without a GbE image in it. Actually, you don’t really need to do anything at all with ich9gen; osboot automatically generates a ROM in the build system, and because the MAC address isn’t stored in that ROM, the exact same ROM can be flashed on any machine without having any problems. So for exapmle, if you had 50 R500 machines in your lab, none of them would have mac address conflicts due to forgetting ich9gen!

Technically, R500 does not require a descriptor for this reason, but it’s also technically possible to have a descriptor that defines:

Most other GM45 thinkpads in osboot have Intel PHY module (for gigabit ethernet) so they need a descriptor, so in that case it’s merely ME-disabled.

On R500, there is no PHY either. Uses a broadcom gigabit ethernet NIC (which works well in linux-libre aswell).

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