Retroboot 20210205 beta release, 5 February 2021

Leah Rowe

5 February 2021

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Retroboot provides free (as in freedom) boot firmware for x86 computers, based on coreboot which provides such initialization. It includes software such as GNU GRUB and Tianocore, which can be used as a bootloader alongside coreboot. Retroboot provides a fully automated build system around these various projects with pre-compiled ROM images in every release.

Changes since last release:

This is a beta release, so you should not expect it to be stable or to work on your machine. Extensive testing is required!

NOTE: The build of Tianocore works on X230/X230/T420 but stalls on X200 so it is not supported there for now. Rbmk currently does not support compiling 32 bit Tianocore builds either, only 64-bit, so Tianocore support is excluded on X60/T60 targets.

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