Suppliers selling osboot/Libreboot/Coreboot pre-installed

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This also includes send-in services, where you can send your laptop to be flashed. You can also have Libreboot installed.


Leah Rowe, RetroFreedom’s founder, is also the founder of Libreboot and osboot and is an active developer in both projects! RetroFreedom invests money directly into Libreboot and osboot using profits from sales, and provides all of the hosting infrastructure (DNS, Web, Mail, Rsync etc).

Ships worldwide, to all countries. Laptops pre-packed ready to ship before sale



RetroFreedom will flash coreboot, osboot or libreboot onto any machine that you supply. If it’s eligible for addition to libreboot or osboot, it will be added. Otherwise, RetroFreedom will provide you with the latest upstream version of coreboot.

RetroFreedom provides free technical support via email and a generous warranty, for all products sold on the website. RetroFreedom also sells Libreboot laptops.

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