Who develops osboot?

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The purpose of this page is to clearly define who works on osboot, who runs the project, how decisions are made, and in general how the project functions.

You can find information about major contributions made to osboot, on this page which lists such people: List of contributors

Leah Rowe (founder, lead developer)

Leah Rowe is the founder of the osboot project, and currently the only full-time developer. Leah oversees all development of osboot, reviewing outside contributions, and has the final say over all decisions. Leah owns and operates the osboot.org servers from her lab in the UK.

You can learn more about Leah’s involvement with osboot, by reading her entry on the page listing all contributors, past and present

Developers wanted!

Leah is the only developer right now. This section will be updated when more developers join the project. Learn how to contribute patches on the git page

All are welcome to join in on development.

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